When everything is considered it’s fuel consumption per kg. of fish that counts…

The shipping company Fjordbakk in Norway chose a composite boat to protect the environment. The new “Seingen” – is boat built with the environment in mind and without batteries.

Seingen is a fishing vessel rigged for Snurrevod, with a crew of four, a 13 litre 500 hp Scania engine, and a refrigerated cargo space of 120 m3, so it can also carry live fish. The ship is used for the fishing of whitefish – including cod, coalfish and haddock. Seingen will primarily fish in Nordland and Finnmark.

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When everything is considered it’s fuel consumption per kg. of fish that counts. “We have a workplace that will be good for both the environment and the business” says ship-owner Svein Håkon Fjordbakk.

The boat is insulated with building material which is sandwich construction, reinforced with fiberglass vinyl esters from ICOM. What we know about the future, is that we must protect the environment and our climate. Seingen from Mundal Båt is a step forward with a vision for new builds in the fisheries sector and leading the way composite boats are to be constructed in the future.

Operating costs are low on a boat like Seingen. At a speed of 8 mil (1mil = 1852 meters), the vessel used 38 litres per hour, with the speed lowered to 7 mil consumption is reduced to 20 litres. At full speed that is 10 mil, 93 litres of diesel goes per hour.

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