Danish boats surf on a wave of success

Building boats in carbon fiber is a beneficial market for Tuco Marine ApS in Faaborg, which with their ProZero boat series is successful in building fast boats for professionals.

The ProZero boats are built of epoxy vinylester and carbon fiber that are supplied by ICOM Composites A/S.


Prozero politibåd i kulfiber fra Tuco

Low weight, low operating costs and low environmental costs
The materials from ICOM Composites reduces boat weight, ensure low maintenance and superior durability.

The combination of low weight and efficient propulsion ensures world-class fuel efficiency, which in turn means a minimal environmental impact – a pure WIN-WIN SITUATION on the water, one is tempted to say.

Prozero indsatsbåd i kulfiber

International names on the customer list
The ProZero boats are available in several versions, which all are tailored to suit special user requirements. Tuco Marine has among others, delivered a firefighting vessel to Hovedstadens Beredskab in Copenhagen, a policeboat to Hamburg Police and most recently delivered two new ProZero workboats to Storstrøms Bridge Joint Venture, which is the consortium behind the construction of the new Storstrømsbro in Denmark.

“We are pleased that Danish and international customers choose to buy workboats from us in Denmark,” says Jonas Pedersen, Director of Tuco Marine ApS.

“It confirms that with our vessels we have the right solution for professional users and the consortium’s choice also supports Danish companies like ours with turnover and jobs.”

Significant benefits for the boat owners’ of the future
If you are in the market to invest in a boat with competitive advantages, consider this to be built so that you benefit from the composite solutions from ICOM – it will support the bottom line and the environment!

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