ICOM Composite A/S is a Danish, international company with over 40 years of experience

ICOM Composite A/S is a Danish, international company with over 40 years of experience in advice and supplying raw materials for the composite industry.

We have extensive knowledge of the processes and innovative solutions with which we guide and help customers in the whole of Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the Baltic countries. Our broad product portfolio is based on our unique knowledge of raw materials, production processes, production facilities, and modern technology.
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ICOM Composites A/S delivers unique advice and quality-assured raw materials to the composite industry – at competitive prices.
We have more than 40 years of experience and closely collaboration with a large number of global suppliers, who all fulfil market requirements. This has put us in the advantageous position where we are able to affect the production of different materials and, therefore, we will always be able to find or develop a product that matches specific needs.

Besides competent counselling and innovative solutions you, as a customer, will receive impeccable service from us, and you will gain a partner who safely guides you through the choice of composite materials, regardless of your needs, and regardless of what your solution requires. We always use the newest technology and have a comprehensive knowledge of products, raw materials, processes and production facilities.

With ICOM Composite A/S, you will quickly discover that our advice and services are of the same impeccable quality as that which characterises our products. You will benefit from our extensive experience and strong support base, and you will quickly notice that specialisation and flexibility are our key characteristics.

  • Knowledge of the industry since 1974
  • Close supplier partnership ensures specialisation
  • Wide supplier network ensures flexibility
  • Wide range of products
  • Established in 1990, with decades of experience

Storage of products and shelf life

ICOM has storage facilities in both Denmark and Norway.

We store our products at a favourable temperature to ensure top quality.
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ICOM Denmark +45 75 50 62 22

ICOM Norway +47 91 10 82 24
Rosseland AS v/Dag Rosseland


ICOM has an agreement with several hauliers and transporters who specialise in transporting composite materials.
Our transporters deliver on time and as expected.

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+45 75 50 62 22

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