ICOM supplies composite raw materials for a lightweight catamaran. Måløy Verft presents “The Rose Express”

ICOM Composites has supplied all of the composite materials for Måløy Verft AS’s new catamaran, “The Rose Express”. Due to its unique construction in polyester and vinylester, the lightweight catamaran can, unlike traditional ferries, move quickly and smoothly around the Norwegian Fjords and move between the islands. All this, despite the fact that it transports both cars and passengers on board.

The lightweight catamaran, “The Rose Express”, is built of composite materials such as polyester, vinylester, carbon and fibreglass, which were all supplied to the Norwegian company, Måløy Verft AS, by the Danish company, ICOM.

The choice of material ensures that “The Rose Express” differs from other large catamarans, by being both lightweight and unusually robust and strong at the same time. She weighs a third of conventional steel catamarans, and approximately 20 % less than the catamarans that are built from aluminum.
The catamaran is also unusually fast. Equipped with two 850 Hk engines, she moves at a top speed of 24 knots. Even with 47 passengers and 10 tons on the deck, she can keep a speed of 23 knots, which is exceptional for a vessel that is only 23 metres long and weighs 54 tons.
The construction and choice of composite material make the catamaran significantly lighter and faster than the traditional ferries that normally transport cars and people along the beautiful, but far from linear, Norwegian coast. This means that “The Rose Express” is able to manage her route quicker and, therefore, she can sail more each day and she is more environmentally friendly than the heavier, slower ferries.


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ICOM supplies composite raw materials for a lightweight catamaran