The witch that (still) will not burn

A temperature of 900 degrees and 20 minutes in an inferno of fire and flames is obviously not enough. ICOM’s specially designed Sankt Hans (midsummer) witch certainly refuses to surrender and fly home to Bloksbjerg. The flame retardant properties in the phenolic that was used is so indisputably imperious to fire.

It is an old tradition to build bonfires, burn witches and celebrate Sankt Hans during midsummer in Denmark. Once upon a time it was done earnestly, when people believed that they could send witches back to Bloksbjerg together with evil and witchcraft. Luckily, the times have changed, but we still build bonfires and place a witch on top each year.
This also applies at ICOM’s annual midsummer celebration, where the witch refuses burn up. Luckily, she is made of phenolic, which has excellent flame retardant properties. In the summer of 2014, we tried to burn her for the first time. But each summer since then she has held out and has come out of the bonfire unscathed, despite massive pressure from an inferno of fire, flames and 900 degrees of heat for over 20 minutes.

It is ICOM Composites and Development Group who have designed and built the witch. The purpose is to show how advantageous it is to use phenolic in constructions due to the eminent, non-flammable properties. The Sankt Hans witch is manufactured using flame retardant phenolic, plywood and infusion mats.
Time will show whether the witch will ever want to fly home to Bloksbjerg. We will keep you posted as to whether she ever succeeds.


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Heksen, der (stadig) ikke vil brænde